Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Woah.  2.5 years since my last post... what????

 Speedweek 2012 started off on a good foot when Sarah Fader arrived at my door to get ready to head to Athens for The Terrapin Twilight Criterium.  Edith (our soigneur) offered to drive our bums to Athens. To where she earned the nickname VH... which we may share at a later date.

Pepper Palace/Spin-Tech had a pretty good race, as Sarah stepped up to the podium for 3rd place.  There was a gnarly crash on the last corner and I am grateful to say that none of my teammates were involved in the crash.
Sarah on the Podium w/ Laura and Erica.

My awesome teammates from PepperPalace/Spintech!  :)

And, it was off to Roswell GA for a stage 2 of Speedweek- Roswell always puts on a great race, excellent fans, great venue, family orientated and just fun!  The race was a bit dicey and the 3 of us peppers (Erica, Sarah and I) came out well with another 3rd place from Sarah.  Erica and I were caught up in a crash-- E went down pretty hard, but got back in and finished in the field... I didn't necessarily go down, but I was forced to ride up into the ditch to avoid some potential "danger"... it was less than 200 meters from being pushed back in by SRAM neutral that the woman in front of me just ate it.  Yep. She hit the ground right in front of me in the straight.  Back to the pit.  I couldn't see the lap counter all day, so it didn't surprise me when I made the mistake of attacking w/ 4 to go when I thought there were only 3 laps left.  Ah well.  At least my fitness is coming back to me!! 

Rest day... means WORK day for me.  Making sure people send their packages on the brown trucks...  Afterwork, we packed up the car again and headed to Beaufort to stay with a family that Sarah has been staying with for 5 years!  She is a legit mosaic artist and their place is always inspiring to me.

 Tuesday Beaufort AM ride. 
Road sammies.

The Beaufort Memorial Classic was pulled off another year with awesome fans and a great venue.  The race was a bit interesting, as 2 riders made it up the road (Sam/Tibco Kristen/RoseBandits).  At that point, I was in the pit w/ a double flat that I got from a last second adjustment in a corner to avoid someone's wheel....  It took a bit, but my bike was up and going again to get in the race w/ SRAM neutral support ZIPP wheels... Sarah came out of the field sprint first-- earning the team her 3rd 3rd place finish in 3 races.  

Back to the host house to watch a couple episodes of Madmen and to eat some snacks.

Until later... probably tomorrow.  But maybe 2 years.



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