Saturday, March 28, 2009


So, my first Redlands is over- I have a few teammates who are still in and doing pretty well... Here is a photo of my the bike I rode yesterday.  I crashed-- that's what happens in road racing sometimes.  Racing is a combination of preparation and luck.  This week I have had plenty of bad luck.
I found out yesterday morning that my bike wasn't shifting properly during my race-- I thought it was fixed, but alas I was wrong... so for the prologue on Wednesday, I raced w/ a regular  25 instead of a 27... which doesn't make that much of a difference normally, but when you climb straight up for 5k and everyone else is either running a compact or a 28 in the back... it does make a difference!  SO.... that is fine- I pushed a larger gear which makes sense that I had a slower time.  lesson's learned.

Here's a photo of the start line-- Anna and Carla!  Before the mayhem.
So yesterday.... different story.  I was in the field and at about 8 miles in, the mayhem that was developing all the way through town finally detonated.  I ended up going down with about 10 other girls-- long story short, I ruined my left shifter (it was dangling), ruined my front wheel and I really don't know what else....  I didn't notice my shifter at first, so I radioed back for a new front wheel-- the caravan stopped and everyone was running all over the place!!  I was calm, fixed my chain and stood with my front wheel over my head.... waiting.... our car finally got there and our mechanic jumped out w/ a wheel... he was reaching to put it on and THATS when I noticed that my bike was unridable. BLAST!  

So... I needed a bike change--which took flippin forever.  It was mavic neutral support and they did a good job getting me going-- I happened to be near their car so that was fortunate... so, my new bike:  an aluminum men's 54 cannondale w/ a Fizik Arione, which I'll never suggest for any other woman EVER.  By  the time I got my pedals taken care of, etc... anyone in the race (including those who were dropped) were GONE.  I got a huge push from one of the Mavic guys and turned the corner into a NASTY headwind + climb...  I rode the next 50 miles on a harsh-ill-fitting bike, with a rubbing front derailleur, and 3 police motos.  (the END of the group).  So I caught 5-6 girls, and everyone of them were quitting, and I wasn't too happy because I wanted to get back on really bad.  So I just kept truckin'.  New goal:  finish and hope they don't enforce the time cut.  My time with the police moto was awesome.  One of the guys asked me if it would be easier if I rode behind him... I laughed and told him YES.  Who would turn that down?  It was AWESOME.  I didn't do it too much, but when I did, I was SOOO thankful for a little break from the 35+mph winds.  I had a police entourage.... Who else can say that!?  They were hauling ass through intersections & stoplights.  I felt friggin fast... nevermind i was WAY off the back... Anyway...  so I made some new friends, and felt pretty good over all- and i got a great workout- motopace extravaganza.

Unfortunately, they did enforce the time cut so I'm done racing.  Bad luck.  Both days.  Anyhow- it could have been worse.  On a lighter note... I got a new cactus from a road side stand:  only $1 and my new plant collection begins.

And... on an even better note-- Carla was the Queen of the Mountain yesterday!  So she'll be wearing the climber's jersey!  I'm so excited for her- she is awesome.  We made her a crown because they messed up the results-- so she missed her podium shots!  Total bummer!  
The crit is today and Kacey is excited to do some strong crit riding- and Hilary is looking forward to helping keep Carla in the mix of things.  There's more racing to do and I wish I were racing, but I'm glad to be here to help.

So there it is.  
Disappointing, but 'tis life sometimes.  I am loving my team and the support we have!  Missy & Jessi (Manager/DS/soigneur) are definitely the dynamic DUO.  

I have to give a huge shout out to Jose Alcala, Paul Damato and SRAM.  Jose fixed up my bike and Paul is delivering it-- A+ service.  and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!  I probably wouldn't have a bike to ride right now without them.  High-five and thank you.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Redlands #1

So we made it to CALI for Redlands- here is a minor update on what's been happening.  Wednesday, (yesterday) we prerode the course- and it was quite eventful.  First of all, I'd like to apologize to my darling Carla for stabbing her in the leg with Kacey's chainrings.  Note:  Blood on gingered leg (freckles).
  It was indeed my fault and this is why... we were cruising down this hill and stopped at a stop sign.  We were going straight and the woman in a little VW Cabrio was going right.  She went right and we heard an awful sound.  Kaaahhhthunk-sscrrrraaaape...  we look and no joke, her entire wheel was rolling across the intersection.  Kacey immediately jumped off of her bike and ran after the wheel which was rolling into on coming traffic (no worries, we were totally safe... it was a 4-way stop...).  Anyhow she shoved her bike to me and I started riding and pushing her bike while riding.  Since doing that isn't the easiest endeavor, I couldn't stop when I got to Carla.  So, I stabbed her.  Sorry Carla.  :)  Note:  woman in red below, Kacey, car on axel, and wheel down in the grass.  This woman wasn't even freaked out one bit.
Anna, Karla, Kacey and I rode the TT course and couldn't resist taking some sweet self portraits while riding (another great skill).
Introducing:  MEAN ROCK.  When in doubt, look at mean rock and get mean while listening to Rob Zombie. 
As for the race today, it was tough, and I really don't know why I couldn't go faster up hill.  Sounds funny to say it, but I guess you never really know- minor bike issues & major sinus issues??? OR, just slowness?  I'm going to get to the bottom of this!  It was a Tough prologue and I know that tomorrow and the next few days will be better!  I have a feeling Missy really made me climb the hill with my tires at 35 psi.... or maybe I did the race in a 23-11?  or... well, we'll just leave it at that!

More racing to come! 


Thursday, March 19, 2009


These past few days- I set off on another sweet & epic adventure with my crew from University bikes... as a reward for working hard through the winter and to get us ready for the summer, our work offered a trip for us to go to one of the most excellent mountain bike meccas in Colorado... and maybe even the western US.  (I was excited to go, because... remember I was gone for 2 mos of the 'winter').  We had access to us an entire bed and breakfast-- no hotel.  Even better.  The entire house.  
Here... Brian is taking a photo of Haas TRYING to get some sick air... his lips are clenched in concentration.  At least his front wheel is off the ground!  haha.
Here's the sweet bike I got to use... it is (was) a brand new bike and I feel like I gave it a proper maiden voyage.  Very awesome ride.
We stopped for a bit on the road 19 trails-- the guys were jumping something, and I was waiting... I had to pass-- can't get hurt doing something too stupid on the mountain bike!
Here's a photo of our crew after dinner-- note... Dr. Pepper, Brian, Josh, Matt, Mikey, Kurt, Brett and Roscoe.  A great group of guys!  Lots of fun.  Brian even learned how to play cribbage. I learned that a couple of the guys in the group have some pre-ty-good cooking skills.

Next up-- a few days of cat sitting for a Anne SLAM, wine-pouring, bike selling, and packing for CALIFORNIA!  REDLANDS!!



Monday, March 16, 2009

Team Camp Weekend!

Good morning Boulder!  Most mornings, I get up-- make coffee-- grab a cuppa and take a bit of a walk.  Here is the view only a few steps from my door.  (mom this is on our morning phone walks!)  This is my favorite part of the day-- when the sun begins to shine on the Flatirons.
This weekend, 6 of 8 of our teammates came to Boulder for a training camp-- we were lucky with weather and were able to get in plenty of riding, a local race, a photo shoot, and plenty of laughs.  We're looking forward to a good season!  We even were able to meet Buddy Bell (the owner of Bonne Bell or... aka LIP SMACKER).
Here we are finishing up our ride on Friday- Carla's all smiles... as usual.  Our new bikes are awesome and really fun to ride... and our new kits are pretty sweet too.
Missy and Kacey at my fav place:  West End.  
So, now I'm off to Fruita with some of my colleagues (if you can call employees at a bike shop colleagues??).... We'll go with that.  I have to leave in a half hour and still need to pack...  But before then, I need to finish my first cuppa.

Enjoy this excellent day!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back in Boulder.

I've been back in Boulder for just over a month now- and have been enjoying most days!  Training hard and working back at University Bikes... they have been very good to me, allowing me to work when I am available and making my work schedule work with my racing and training schedule.  I know I'm a pain to them, but it is such a fun job and I'm glad to be back.

It snowed a bit this morning and the temp dropped about 45 degrees f from last week.  Knowing Colorado weather, I just had to wait until the afternoon until the roads dried up... by 1pm, no snow-- good for riding.  But one thing that is true, cold + cold wind = cold.  You'll see by this pic of my uneaten banana.... can you tell which half of the banana was sticking out of my jacket and was frozen!?  I didn't see this until I got home, and it definitely made me laugh a bit.
This next picture is of my very favorite mailbox.  Someday when I have my own mailbox it will look something like this... minus the pink swirls... but if you look closely, you'll find a t-rex, a stegosaurus, a triceratops, AND... Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble.  Awesome.
AND... the best part of the ride today..... little flowering Simpson Hedgehog cactus!!  Very cool- and I didn't expect to see this today!
Training camp is this weekend- all but two of the Lipsmaker's Girls will be heading to Boulder!!