Thursday, March 19, 2009


These past few days- I set off on another sweet & epic adventure with my crew from University bikes... as a reward for working hard through the winter and to get us ready for the summer, our work offered a trip for us to go to one of the most excellent mountain bike meccas in Colorado... and maybe even the western US.  (I was excited to go, because... remember I was gone for 2 mos of the 'winter').  We had access to us an entire bed and breakfast-- no hotel.  Even better.  The entire house.  
Here... Brian is taking a photo of Haas TRYING to get some sick air... his lips are clenched in concentration.  At least his front wheel is off the ground!  haha.
Here's the sweet bike I got to use... it is (was) a brand new bike and I feel like I gave it a proper maiden voyage.  Very awesome ride.
We stopped for a bit on the road 19 trails-- the guys were jumping something, and I was waiting... I had to pass-- can't get hurt doing something too stupid on the mountain bike!
Here's a photo of our crew after dinner-- note... Dr. Pepper, Brian, Josh, Matt, Mikey, Kurt, Brett and Roscoe.  A great group of guys!  Lots of fun.  Brian even learned how to play cribbage. I learned that a couple of the guys in the group have some pre-ty-good cooking skills.

Next up-- a few days of cat sitting for a Anne SLAM, wine-pouring, bike selling, and packing for CALIFORNIA!  REDLANDS!!



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