Thursday, November 27, 2008

Epic with a capital E.

~~I wrote this entry on 3 different days... it may be confusing- but after today, it shouldn't be.

Thanks to Garrett for taking me around Boulder yesterday morning… or 2 or 4 mornings ago? I don’t even know what day it is right now. Garrett is planning a 2 week trip to the mountains to climb 15 forteeners. He has already done 10 in the last month—so this will be a big deal for him! Check out his blog and climbing adventures here.
DIA on thanksgiving... not very crowded.
I asked for 'spicy' tomato juice and ended up getting bloody mary mix-- with 85% of my daily dosage of sodium--

In the LAX bar, I was told by a fellow at the bar that I look very Scandinavian… I think I’ll take that as a compliment-- He was on his way to Hawaii to get married to a woman he met at his class reunion… (30 year I think). They had never met each other before! Funny how things work!

So far so good! I’m currently writing in Auckland NZ—funny thing is that I didn’t even know we were going to stop on Auckland. My ticket said—Melbourne and I didn’t ask questions. I have already learned that American Airlines and Qantas Airlines are both under the “one world” agreement… and basically it means that they are the same thing. ? Who knows... Anyhow, I’m here in NZ for an hour and then getting on another flight over to Melbourne. So far… it has been 22 hours since my first flight- the flight from LA to Auckland ended up being 12 hrs. AND I only remember about 2 hours of the entire flight. I caught some serious Zzzzz’s.

I won’t really get to see much of New Zealand. Just now, I’m sitting in the airport- and some guy just bought a beer-- it is 6:14 am! That is the last thing I would want right now. bleh. I’d like a coffee but haven’t exchanged currency yet- and I have plenty to eat… no need to indulge- I’ll wait for the plane.

Clare was at the airport to pick me up- everything went well and I'm settled into my new room at Clare's house!

~~now the blog is updated I'll be better at posting :)


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tomorrow- OUT.

If you ask my mother she'll definitely agree that I am a professional PROCRASTINATOR. I'm leaving tomorrow-- my flight is at 11:30... I am unsure of exactly what time I need to catch the bus-- but I know that I'll have a ride to the bus stop! (I'll look after I'm done posting!)

Anyhow, despite all that- I have had an amazing November. This fall, overall, has been excellent. I'll will reflect on that tomorrow at LAX during my 6 hr layover when I'm hanging out at the airport bar, while y'all are eating turkey and stuffing!! :) ... but get this. I get 2 bags-- 70 lbs each. No cost. AND my bike bag can count as 1 bag. Awesome. I'm bringing my down comforter AND my full sized french press that serves 20.

plush. high stylin'. for sure.

until then! Happy Thanksgiving! I will miss you all.

PS... I just got skype, so search for my email address and add me as a friend! Or just let me know if you have it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Albino Deer and the Metric System.

My dad sent me photos of a deer that is living by our house in Northern Wisconsin-- an albino deer-- he said it is one of the biggest deer he has ever seen, with a very well developed rack... and I'm not talking about boobs here... Anyhow, It is always cool to see things like this- especially an OLD albino deer! Thanks dad. I started my ride this morning at 10:15 and decided that today was going to be the day that I switch to the metric system. In order to function well in Australia AND converse with my Norske-esqe friends, I need to speak in metric! I changed the settings on my garmin and headed up the hill to 4th street. The Kilometers just fly by... unlike miles... However... elevation, unfortunately does not fly by. For example... I rode 86 miles (138 k), climbed 6675' (2035m). A bit to get used to, but a good change nonetheless.

My ride to Estes was pretty awesome. Gorgeous day, good tunes and podcasts ( and plenty of wildlife. Crazy thing though- I only saw ONE cyclist out on the road today, at the beginning of my ride. Weird. Check out the elk hanging out on the side of the Peak to Peak--and the people taking photos of the elk. Always my favorite.

This church is on the peak to peak hwy too- very beautiful!

More rides & metric mayhem to come!