Monday, November 3, 2008

The Albino Deer and the Metric System.

My dad sent me photos of a deer that is living by our house in Northern Wisconsin-- an albino deer-- he said it is one of the biggest deer he has ever seen, with a very well developed rack... and I'm not talking about boobs here... Anyhow, It is always cool to see things like this- especially an OLD albino deer! Thanks dad. I started my ride this morning at 10:15 and decided that today was going to be the day that I switch to the metric system. In order to function well in Australia AND converse with my Norske-esqe friends, I need to speak in metric! I changed the settings on my garmin and headed up the hill to 4th street. The Kilometers just fly by... unlike miles... However... elevation, unfortunately does not fly by. For example... I rode 86 miles (138 k), climbed 6675' (2035m). A bit to get used to, but a good change nonetheless.

My ride to Estes was pretty awesome. Gorgeous day, good tunes and podcasts ( and plenty of wildlife. Crazy thing though- I only saw ONE cyclist out on the road today, at the beginning of my ride. Weird. Check out the elk hanging out on the side of the Peak to Peak--and the people taking photos of the elk. Always my favorite.

This church is on the peak to peak hwy too- very beautiful!

More rides & metric mayhem to come!


Anonymous said...

I have never seen an albino deer, but, I have seen lots of pink elephants!!!!! Still laughing about the Obrother video....Just so you know Kate, that I too once was a liberal. I love you. I have an extra 300 if you want to fly to St.Louis. Yo Mama

Anonymous said...

Sadly someone just killed an albino deer here in WI. Pathetic..check it out...