Thursday, November 27, 2008

Epic with a capital E.

~~I wrote this entry on 3 different days... it may be confusing- but after today, it shouldn't be.

Thanks to Garrett for taking me around Boulder yesterday morning… or 2 or 4 mornings ago? I don’t even know what day it is right now. Garrett is planning a 2 week trip to the mountains to climb 15 forteeners. He has already done 10 in the last month—so this will be a big deal for him! Check out his blog and climbing adventures here.
DIA on thanksgiving... not very crowded.
I asked for 'spicy' tomato juice and ended up getting bloody mary mix-- with 85% of my daily dosage of sodium--

In the LAX bar, I was told by a fellow at the bar that I look very Scandinavian… I think I’ll take that as a compliment-- He was on his way to Hawaii to get married to a woman he met at his class reunion… (30 year I think). They had never met each other before! Funny how things work!

So far so good! I’m currently writing in Auckland NZ—funny thing is that I didn’t even know we were going to stop on Auckland. My ticket said—Melbourne and I didn’t ask questions. I have already learned that American Airlines and Qantas Airlines are both under the “one world” agreement… and basically it means that they are the same thing. ? Who knows... Anyhow, I’m here in NZ for an hour and then getting on another flight over to Melbourne. So far… it has been 22 hours since my first flight- the flight from LA to Auckland ended up being 12 hrs. AND I only remember about 2 hours of the entire flight. I caught some serious Zzzzz’s.

I won’t really get to see much of New Zealand. Just now, I’m sitting in the airport- and some guy just bought a beer-- it is 6:14 am! That is the last thing I would want right now. bleh. I’d like a coffee but haven’t exchanged currency yet- and I have plenty to eat… no need to indulge- I’ll wait for the plane.

Clare was at the airport to pick me up- everything went well and I'm settled into my new room at Clare's house!

~~now the blog is updated I'll be better at posting :)



Chris Sauer said...

Very exciting, Kate. Totally relate to the joy of Bloody Mary mix, happened to me in October. Keep your blog up and have a great time in Australia!

Anonymous said...

No beer at 6:14......whose kid are you anyway????? Love and miss you will sent out antisneezy pills today yoma

The Dad said...

Trip of a lifetime comes to mind. What an opportunity! I am seriously jealous :-)

It was awesome talking with you Monday night and good to hear your voice. Plan to p/u that web cam and do the skype thing tonight.

I see Lance A is going to be down there in early January and then doing the Tour of California too. you seem to be merging circles.. That would be cool to bump into him.

As far as the beer goes, just remember that you can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning... Not that you want to and I think I would keel over if I tried it these days.

Anonymous said...

Whattup girl, it has been a month.

I love you and wish you the best!


PS- you have a place to stay when you come back...we can hash out the details later.