Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolution!!

In light of the New Year, I'm going to make a resolution:

I'm going to get BACK on the blog wagon! :) My mom and pop have been bugging me for updates, so here goes!

It's New Year's Eve here in Melbourne- I'll be celebrating NYE 16 hours before y'all! So perhaps, I'll celebrate twice! I'm at Bec and Arnaud's house for an excellent French-ish dinner -- stew and we'll be having CREPES for dessert! I'm excited for crepes.
The other night, Arnaud took out his indoor grill! It is definitely awesome-- 4 meats, including kangaroo! A bit gamey, but it truly reminded me of Venison. They continue to take very good care me here in OZ!
In two days my team here in Australia will be heading to the Jayco Bay Cycling Classic-- a 5 day criterium series in Geelong. I've been here in Australia for just over a month now and have been coming along with my training and some local crits.
Here are a couple photos of some training rides!
Clare and I went on a pretty nice ride on Christmas day- before we headed to her brother in-law's family's house for a traditional Greek Christmas! Very fun- very good food!

All is good here in Australia!
Have a safe and stellar New Years!!

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