Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A trip to the grocery.

A while ago, Clare's mom Patricia (or Thea, auntie in Greek) took me on my first grocery excursion... Here are some photos from my adventure:

And, It was pretty exciting that the grocery store was an IGA, which is actually the grocery store that I grew up going to! There are more 'organic' groceries around... but this one is always convenient.I was surprised to see the butcher in the meat department actually butchering... not just slicing cheese and ham...
appetizing! :)
You can actually buy 1 single serving of creamed corn. What a cute, little can! :)
Condensed milk comes in a tube. I would probably confuse it with tooth paste!
The fruit here is TASTY and plentiful! I have learned hot to properly cut (and eat) a mango... and also how to drink Ouzo with Clare's dad Arthur... yum :).


The Dad said...

The Blog lives!!! OI alsmost gave up on it. I have not updated mine in quite a while so I guess it's time to do a report on the Cruise and Florida trip. Will do in a day or so...

ScootsOnMoots said...

You picked a good year for this trip. The snows have been wild along the foothills and the winds horrendous.