Monday, March 16, 2009

Team Camp Weekend!

Good morning Boulder!  Most mornings, I get up-- make coffee-- grab a cuppa and take a bit of a walk.  Here is the view only a few steps from my door.  (mom this is on our morning phone walks!)  This is my favorite part of the day-- when the sun begins to shine on the Flatirons.
This weekend, 6 of 8 of our teammates came to Boulder for a training camp-- we were lucky with weather and were able to get in plenty of riding, a local race, a photo shoot, and plenty of laughs.  We're looking forward to a good season!  We even were able to meet Buddy Bell (the owner of Bonne Bell or... aka LIP SMACKER).
Here we are finishing up our ride on Friday- Carla's all smiles... as usual.  Our new bikes are awesome and really fun to ride... and our new kits are pretty sweet too.
Missy and Kacey at my fav place:  West End.  
So, now I'm off to Fruita with some of my colleagues (if you can call employees at a bike shop colleagues??).... We'll go with that.  I have to leave in a half hour and still need to pack...  But before then, I need to finish my first cuppa.

Enjoy this excellent day!


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Anonymous said...

Oh Kate.... Now I can really picture our view while we chat. I too have had a police escort. Not so noble tho. Story later!!! Love ya so yo mum