Thursday, March 26, 2009

Redlands #1

So we made it to CALI for Redlands- here is a minor update on what's been happening.  Wednesday, (yesterday) we prerode the course- and it was quite eventful.  First of all, I'd like to apologize to my darling Carla for stabbing her in the leg with Kacey's chainrings.  Note:  Blood on gingered leg (freckles).
  It was indeed my fault and this is why... we were cruising down this hill and stopped at a stop sign.  We were going straight and the woman in a little VW Cabrio was going right.  She went right and we heard an awful sound.  Kaaahhhthunk-sscrrrraaaape...  we look and no joke, her entire wheel was rolling across the intersection.  Kacey immediately jumped off of her bike and ran after the wheel which was rolling into on coming traffic (no worries, we were totally safe... it was a 4-way stop...).  Anyhow she shoved her bike to me and I started riding and pushing her bike while riding.  Since doing that isn't the easiest endeavor, I couldn't stop when I got to Carla.  So, I stabbed her.  Sorry Carla.  :)  Note:  woman in red below, Kacey, car on axel, and wheel down in the grass.  This woman wasn't even freaked out one bit.
Anna, Karla, Kacey and I rode the TT course and couldn't resist taking some sweet self portraits while riding (another great skill).
Introducing:  MEAN ROCK.  When in doubt, look at mean rock and get mean while listening to Rob Zombie. 
As for the race today, it was tough, and I really don't know why I couldn't go faster up hill.  Sounds funny to say it, but I guess you never really know- minor bike issues & major sinus issues??? OR, just slowness?  I'm going to get to the bottom of this!  It was a Tough prologue and I know that tomorrow and the next few days will be better!  I have a feeling Missy really made me climb the hill with my tires at 35 psi.... or maybe I did the race in a 23-11?  or... well, we'll just leave it at that!

More racing to come! 



becx said...

ohmygosh--I forgot how dang funny your docomenting of all things racing can be. Whose mean rock is that???

Kate said...

yes yes.... MeanRock is awesome. If I wouldn't get flack from people, I'd race with him in my pocket...