Saturday, March 28, 2009


So, my first Redlands is over- I have a few teammates who are still in and doing pretty well... Here is a photo of my the bike I rode yesterday.  I crashed-- that's what happens in road racing sometimes.  Racing is a combination of preparation and luck.  This week I have had plenty of bad luck.
I found out yesterday morning that my bike wasn't shifting properly during my race-- I thought it was fixed, but alas I was wrong... so for the prologue on Wednesday, I raced w/ a regular  25 instead of a 27... which doesn't make that much of a difference normally, but when you climb straight up for 5k and everyone else is either running a compact or a 28 in the back... it does make a difference!  SO.... that is fine- I pushed a larger gear which makes sense that I had a slower time.  lesson's learned.

Here's a photo of the start line-- Anna and Carla!  Before the mayhem.
So yesterday.... different story.  I was in the field and at about 8 miles in, the mayhem that was developing all the way through town finally detonated.  I ended up going down with about 10 other girls-- long story short, I ruined my left shifter (it was dangling), ruined my front wheel and I really don't know what else....  I didn't notice my shifter at first, so I radioed back for a new front wheel-- the caravan stopped and everyone was running all over the place!!  I was calm, fixed my chain and stood with my front wheel over my head.... waiting.... our car finally got there and our mechanic jumped out w/ a wheel... he was reaching to put it on and THATS when I noticed that my bike was unridable. BLAST!  

So... I needed a bike change--which took flippin forever.  It was mavic neutral support and they did a good job getting me going-- I happened to be near their car so that was fortunate... so, my new bike:  an aluminum men's 54 cannondale w/ a Fizik Arione, which I'll never suggest for any other woman EVER.  By  the time I got my pedals taken care of, etc... anyone in the race (including those who were dropped) were GONE.  I got a huge push from one of the Mavic guys and turned the corner into a NASTY headwind + climb...  I rode the next 50 miles on a harsh-ill-fitting bike, with a rubbing front derailleur, and 3 police motos.  (the END of the group).  So I caught 5-6 girls, and everyone of them were quitting, and I wasn't too happy because I wanted to get back on really bad.  So I just kept truckin'.  New goal:  finish and hope they don't enforce the time cut.  My time with the police moto was awesome.  One of the guys asked me if it would be easier if I rode behind him... I laughed and told him YES.  Who would turn that down?  It was AWESOME.  I didn't do it too much, but when I did, I was SOOO thankful for a little break from the 35+mph winds.  I had a police entourage.... Who else can say that!?  They were hauling ass through intersections & stoplights.  I felt friggin fast... nevermind i was WAY off the back... Anyway...  so I made some new friends, and felt pretty good over all- and i got a great workout- motopace extravaganza.

Unfortunately, they did enforce the time cut so I'm done racing.  Bad luck.  Both days.  Anyhow- it could have been worse.  On a lighter note... I got a new cactus from a road side stand:  only $1 and my new plant collection begins.

And... on an even better note-- Carla was the Queen of the Mountain yesterday!  So she'll be wearing the climber's jersey!  I'm so excited for her- she is awesome.  We made her a crown because they messed up the results-- so she missed her podium shots!  Total bummer!  
The crit is today and Kacey is excited to do some strong crit riding- and Hilary is looking forward to helping keep Carla in the mix of things.  There's more racing to do and I wish I were racing, but I'm glad to be here to help.

So there it is.  
Disappointing, but 'tis life sometimes.  I am loving my team and the support we have!  Missy & Jessi (Manager/DS/soigneur) are definitely the dynamic DUO.  

I have to give a huge shout out to Jose Alcala, Paul Damato and SRAM.  Jose fixed up my bike and Paul is delivering it-- A+ service.  and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!  I probably wouldn't have a bike to ride right now without them.  High-five and thank you.


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