Sunday, September 7, 2008


A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to my Pa! He's on a road trip in his 5th-wheel camper for 2 weeks... chillin in da UP. (Upper Michigan...)....

Much to my surprise and delight, he has started a blog. Here is the first line of his first post:

"Vacation to the Upper Peninsula!
Ya so den ve deicded it vas time for da vacation and decided to go to da U.P. eh?"

It is called "Hayweird" after the town I grew up in... HAYWARD! (Also known as the greatest place on Earth. Cari would agree). Anyhow, check it out at:

As for me, I have been taking a bit of time off of my bike for rest, and also for healing! My annoying knee issue has disappeared and I'm feeling better from my crash last week! Lets just say it was a horrible ride to work that day! :) Aside from the bike, my time has been occupied by learning to relax and chill, and also getting a regular yoga routine. I've been doing some hiking-- including a summit attempt to Bear Peak early last week and a successful summit later in the week! Fun times! I'll be toting my camera more often!

I didn't take either of these photos... but we put our names in the canister at the summit. Sounds awesome, but there were numerous papers shoved in and most were unreadable. We could tell it was monitored regularily...

until then...


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The Dad said...

Nice Katie, Thanks! I updated some on the blog and posted a few pics over there. Dad