Monday, September 15, 2008

New additon to my collection...

So, I've been working quite a bit lately and sometimes the days get reallly long... but somehow we all manage to keep busy and help people get on their new bikes! One job that we have a U-Bikes is the greeter... we are often requested to "grab the door." Meaning, watch the door for anyone who comes in and greet them. I usually comment on any bike that is coming in the door, asking if they need service, etc. If the bike is cool, I always start out by saying "COOOOL Bike!" Today this happened. A guy came in pushing an OLD white bridgestone that was definitely "classic." It looked a bit beat up, but I appreciate the 'classic.' I asked him if he needed any service, to which he replied... "No, I just need to give this bike away!" I was SO excited because I have been in need of a commuter bike--- it is just never that great of an idea to commute on a carbon bike in a town where bikes are stolen so readily!

So my wish came true:

here it is.

1991 Bridgestone MB-0 (Zip) Handbuilt in Taiwan #1503

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Bridgestone carved out a nice niche by offering nicely built bikes that didn't follow the latest trends. They picked each part based on function not because it was part of a "gruppo". Bridgestone also resisted innovations such as suspension forks and push button shifters which endeared them to the Bridgestone Owners Bunch (BOB) which thrives today even though Bridgestone bikes haven't been sold in the USA for more than a decade. The Zip was the top of the line bike and used a very nice eclectic bunch of parts from many different countries (each represented by their national flag). This one is number 1498



Chris Sauer said...

Wow, that's the same bike I used to ride with Janet in Africa. Bought in 91 at Deale and Huth's in Johannesburg and we road them up to Bujumbura that same year. Memories...

Kate said...

That is awesome! From what I've learned, that bike was the business back then! People love it- I had no idea how cool it was!

I hope you are well! Please tell Janet and the kids I said HI!!