Monday, April 27, 2009

Silver City, New Mexico!

Gila!  Here's a the Gila National Forest- absolutely beautiful.  We all made it into town after some flights, long drives, sweet rental car, even hotter black van... all 9 of us!  Missy, Jessie, Kyle, Amanda, Toni, Hilary, Anne, Carla and I got in a bit late to our host housing because of adverse weather in Colorado.  I felt bad leaving all of my friends to more cold slush... but not really!!  :)  It'll be warm and sunny soon.

Amanda and I are sharing a room at our host house-- it is a pretty sweet house that lets us do what we need!  We're pre riding the TT course tomorrow and I imagine that we'll head into our favorite coffee shop in town and have a tasty coffee drink.

**notice our silky, smooth sheets.


Chris Sauer said...

Janet and I spent a week hiking the wilderness there back in '93. Ahh, the memories...

becx said...

oh my...are those red satin sheets?