Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day bike races!

This weekend Toni, Amanda and I headed to the Quad Cities for a few days of some good racing- Amanda won Snake Alley on Saturday and placed well the next few days... check out some photos... 

Here we are after the quad cities crit- Amanda and Toni were in a break and I had the best day ever of blocking- it was truly a great experience- lots of fun.  I had a blast racing back in the midwest with lots of old (and new) friends!  :)  Unfortunately I couldn't get back in because of a little wreck- 'tis okay- :)  the girls did very well.  But-- big high five to Meredith Miller for winning the last 2 races of the "Iowa Memorial Day Bike Races."  
Here's a small group of us at Snake Alley- again, mucho fun, I finished in mid-field- okay for my first time ever doing it.  NEXT year should be even more fun!  It was great to see my cousins Gail + Paul and their kids Sarah and Evie.  THANKS for cheering!

After a fun dinner with the team, Toni and I blasted over a few hours in BLACK BETTY to Shelbyville Illinois.  My mom hosted us for a few days and we were treated to some excellent food, good tea, fun times, and even better- more laughs!!  (thanks, ma-- you make my heart smile).  As you can see, Shelbyville is really hilly and we struggled to find a good place for a recovery ride....  uh....

Amanda and I are in Tulsa right now- Trying to fall asleep.  We pick up our mechanic in the AM and Missy in the av0 (afternoon).  

More updates and COMPLETELY INSPIRATIONAL photos and quotes to follow.

High five to Renee and Amy for getting me to get back to this.


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