Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just another day at the track... or my first one...

Here is the track bike-- a Specialized Langster. It is actually a bike that was made for the national team- and it was a fun ride! Now if you'll notice, this bike has no breaks OR gears... and a lesson for my mom-- When the back wheel turns the crank arms do too... if you go fast on a bike like this, your legs go fast too... if you want to slow down, you have to slow your pedal stroke! This was my first day on the track AND my first time trying a 'fixie.' And I guess you'd say that I'm addicted already...

Here is the locker room that we used-- I definitely felt like I had some special treatment! Thanks to Cari and Greg.
Track bike storage! This is where we dropped off the Langster after my maiden voyage AND you can see Cari's pink Tiemeyer.

Here's Cari after working on the tandem with Karissa--another GREAT facial expression. :) Miss Clare is wrappppped to get on the track. finally.
Serious track face.
Greg- the guy who waited patiently for us this morning... as we were running BST (biker standard time)... our lateness made the three of us right on time for the worst grid-lock traffic I have ever seen. ever. gotta love Denver.

Thanks again to Greg for making my first track day impeccable.

And a little pic of us on the track! Mucho fun. It doesn't look that scary... but the turns are banked quite high- we may have more photos from Cari's camera.

Tomorrow is a special day... only one more day to be 26. hmm...


Anonymous said...

You are getting old!!! LOL! It won't be long and you'll be receiving AARP mail ~~ like me :(

The Fixie looks like Fun!

Le Dad

Chris Sauer said...

Happy Birthday, Katie and nice pics of the track.