Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meet Bernie.

Photo from the archive--

This is from the Cowgirl ride in Madison a few weeks ago- Gabe and his bro joined us for the ride from Madison to New Glarus. Classic photo- Gabe looks like he just finished a shot of espresso... and I'm, well, probably talking. It was a good day, but we were all glad to get back to the arboretum. AND I'll be glad when Gabe gets himself to Colorado! :)

OK>>>> fast forward to now.

I work for Joan and Bernie in their yard. Remember the sunburn? Well, Greg (Cari's husband) emailed me a photo of Bernie. Take one look and you'll see that he is wise. A retired dept. head of psychology department at CU. Yep-- it's a bronze sculpture of his head w/ his glasses on it. His hat was made for Greg by Joan, it has rottweilers on it.
If you're wondering, my sunburn hasn't peeled yet, so I trust that I just won't blister and it will turn into a sweet, sweet tan. Maaaaarumph!

Here is another sweet shot of the track yesterday--- It is steep! But not as steep as the one that will be built in Boulder County. This track in Colorado Springs has '33 degree' banking and the track that is going to be in Boulder Cty is going to have about a 48 degree bank... or grade... all we'll say is yah. that is steep. damn.

Remember in life... "when in doubt, string it out"

Quick photo from tonight at the bike shop. We closed at 7 pm... and that is when it gets crazy! Not too crazy... it is just that the guys pump some rockin' metal and work really fast. You can't tell really, but there are 6 stands that you can see in addition to about 5 others stashed throughout the shop. Big store-- I even had a couple bike sales today! party on.

I showed up to Cari and Greg's house about an hour ago. Bowl'o'pasta waiting for me, Cari watching Grey's Anatomy and Greg watching stupid videos on the internet....waiting to read this blog. Anyhow, much is happening, big day tomorrow! Only 3 hours left to be 26. I should probably go do something crazy. hmm...


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Love Dad

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O.K. So I flunked spelling and have big fingers that are too big to type with........

It should read Happy Birthday BABY Girl, Love You! Dad