Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wisco for the Weekend!

Time to head to Madison for our Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Photoshoot-- It is always a good time! I mean, who wouldn't want to get their hair and make-up done AND drink vanilla shake AND get a series photos taken of you with a bunch of serious camera equipment!? Oh, AND hang out with some great women! :) I am very excited. Even though I couldn't possibly get more excited... check out the weather for this weekend-- it might even be better than the weather in Boulder, which would be very surprising... but welcomed.

FridayPartlySunnyHi 55°F
FridayNightMostlyCloudyLo 32°F
SaturdayPartlySunnyHi 61°F
SaturdayNightMostlyCloudyLo 41°F
SundayChanceRainHi 58°F

Nice. We can deal with that!
On the list of things to do this weekend:
1. buy cheese curds, so I can bring them back and make more friends in Colorado
2. have a many glasses of coffee & vino with Rebecca
3. wear as much blaze orange as possible...
4. try NOT to snuggle with Clare...
5. AND have plenty of cowgirl funtime time!
6. Give Missy an immersion course on Wisconsin Beer.  (and cheese curds)

time to pack...


becx said...

So much to teach Leda, Clare and Missy about Wisconsin. I'm running off to get some Totally Naked beer for Missy.

Sara said...

Please pass on the love of cheese curds! Good work sis! Hugs!