Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Job, sunburn and a mtn bike ride that rocked!!!!

Today, I started helping Joan and Bernie in their yard today. I cleaned a couple beds and pruned some trees. A lot of raking and pruning.... pulling grass, etc. They are quite the couple- truly fun to be around and I think I'll have a lot to learn from both of them! The interesting fact is that Joanie actually officiated Cari and Greg's wedding in the mountains! How cool is that!? I'll be introducing you all to Marvin who is actually a statue that resides in their garden...he has lived in Boulder, Hawaii and then was shipped back to Boulder... hmm...
Well, I thought I'd share a photo with you all... I was just reminded of a place on my body that has not seen the sun yet... my lower back! While at work, I spent a large majority of my time with my back side towards the sun and needless to say, I forgot to put sunscreen on my back. OUCH. You can see for yourself! It does look bad, but no worries, I think it is much worse than it looks.

After working at J & B's, I met up with Missy and Greg for a sweet mountain bike ride. We rode up some dirt mountain roads-- they could be compared to Iowa's level B roads... if you've ever been on them. Anyhow, we specifically rode up the long grueling way up to the top, we didn't have time to do the Betasso loop, so we basically rode up to ride down... The ride down was fun though. Lots of rattling and banging on rocks and roots! My kind of riding. Although, I must say that I will miss the singletrack back in Wisco and Iowa.
Good night all... be prepared for the post of my lifetime tomorrow! It will be Kate Ross: visits the velodrome OR picks up another hobby OR needs another bike. Who knows!
good night all.


cowgirl said...

Ya, that Colorado sun is not friendly!
I can't wait for today!

Anonymous said...

now what did I tell you, your have to cover that virgin skin so that your not a wrinkley lady. YOUR GROUNDED! yoma

mtb05girl said...

we should meet up sometime for a mountain bike ride at hall ranch (it's near lyons...aobut 20minutes from boulder). let me know if u are up for it sometime!