Friday, April 11, 2008

Warm-up music.

I have had a realization. While at Illegal Pete's (a hip burrito joint) for dinner with Greg and Missy, Rage Against the Machine began pumping over their pretty sweet sound system in the restaurant. A bit edgy, yes... but it got me all pumped up! It made me think of when I saw them in Chicago (probably 8-9 years ago), and to put it plainly THIS is what I need to listen to before races!

This is embarrassing, but I'll put it out there...
the current warm up mix:
Gotta Get Thru This- Daniel Bedingfield
everyday people- arrested development
beercan- beck
devil's haircut-beck
Everybody wake up- dave matthew's band
Rodeo-g-love and jack johnson
unknown track -
Doublewide- galactic
Ronin- J. Davis Trio
LDN- Lilly Allen
Smile- Lily allen
I've committed murder-macy gray
life i chose for me- nappy roots
track 1- slightly stupid
runnin' with the gun- slightly stupid

New warm up mix (well not quite yet):

Rage Against the Machine x 100


This week was pretty eventful! I worked for about 2 days- it is really great to get working again- especially in such a hip place... which is located in an even hipper place. Here, I'm working tomorrow, so if you check at the right time, you just may be able to see ME at work. Check the instore web cam:

And outside of the store:

And check the MTNs:

For the weekend, Clare and I will be riding up to Estes Park on Sunday! I think she is even making me cookies for our ride. It shall be an excellent all day adventure-- we will be sure to take some photos.
ciao. kate.

PS... No matter what... Just know that I NEVER listen to Tom Ashbrook while warming up-- only for my cool down.

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Pedal Pimp said...

I miss having you in my shop, glad you are doing well. Miss you Timmaaay