Friday, March 28, 2008

Back in Hayward.... + report from Tucson

While I'm in Tucson--- My neice Nikki, my cuzzzz Sara (+fetus), and her husband are enjoying a warm spring day... check out 3 things...

1-- the blaze orange gloves...

2-- snow + grill

3-- the packer attire

Welcome to Hayward! :)
The TT went pretty well today. The four of us ended up in the top 10: 4-Cari, 5-Leda, 8-Clare and 10- me. I am pretty happy with my results- the course was very short with a nice downhill start, a couple rollers, a slogging incline, a couple rollers and a decent climb to the finish. I did manage to throw my chain, but it didn't hinder me too much (although it probably affected the finish). The RR is tomorrow morning at YES.... 6:30 am. the only good thing about that is the race will be done around 9.
Until then.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love sister. The REALLY sad thing is that we don't consider this behavior strange in any way. LOL Nikki insisted on wearing the blaze orange gloves. :) LOVE

becx said...

Love the pic!! That's sooo classic wisconsin. That should be in a calendar. "Classic Candid Scenes from Wisconsin." I'd buy one.