Friday, March 7, 2008

Some inside riding--

Boulder! 70 degrees one day, 20 the next, snow the other, sunshine today!Congratulations to Clare-- this is her very first time seeing snow in surburbia... so I made her scrape my windows! Thank you Clay (or Clare).
Indoor training at it's best! My new room in the basement of Dr. Dance's house... stay tune for more photos of our basement, and indoor training! Oh yeah.

Last SATURDAY, Clare's first ride in Boulder-- she crashed hard coming down from Ward. The road crews put plenty of gravel/sand on the corners and she took one a little aggressively and had to slam on the breaks... and the bike went right out from under her. OUCH. All I can say is that she is one tough cookie! She is awesome. Stay tuned for pics.... it is nasty. Remember to wear gloves. Safety first.

Tomorrow is the Frostbite Time Trial-- Sunday is the DU crit. fun fun. More updates coming soon!


Becx said...

Nice going, Kate!! Way to make the new girl push snow off your car. Clare, I hope you weren't traumatized by that chore. Best to practice some more 'cause there's a lot of that fluffy white stuff here at the farm.

Timmaaaay said...

Hey Katie, I miss you! Glad to hear you are enjoying life, say Hi to your folks.