Thursday, March 6, 2008

Catching up! More to follow soon.

This was my first road ride in CO with the Rocky Mounts crew-- You see me, Jill, Andy C., and Michelle. We returned from Tucson the day before (Friday the 29th) and March 1 ended up being a very warm day with record breaking temps! The next day, it snowed. Our first encounter with unfavorable riding weather.

Again, riding with the crew--- on the left is Greg-- team mom and Cari's husband. Fun ride! After, Greg gave me a bicycling tour of Boulder and the UC-Boulder campus. It was beautiful, and I'm excited to live here!
Meet Amante. Amante is the coffee shop that many rides start at in North Boulder. I don't know the girl in the back of the photo... but it looks like she is posing.

Yesterday March 5 in Boulder, we did our workouts inside and ventured out to run some errands.

This photo is from last night... we went for an evening americano-- and get this... this morning Clare informed me that I bought decaffeinated beans the other day. We have been fooled, and not drinking 'real' coffee in the mornings. Bummer! I thought something was fishy!

Yesterday we went to target to get some towel hooks for the back of our bathroom door and we found these ridiculous pants on the super duper reduced price rack. We figured they were perfect lounge pants. And, after one night, I'm happy to report they are.

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Becx said...

nice pants!! And the decaf..priceless!!!

Tell Papa Couch hello from me. Enjoy the warm weather....ride a few hours for me, would ya?