Sunday, July 6, 2008

Easy day?

When I got home from work around 5:30, Clare and I got ready to ride. I had an easier spin on par for the evening and Clare was stressed about her flight info for her up coming travels. On our ride, we took some weird turns and ended up on the Diagonal Hwy. We took the very first exit (only 50 yards after the intersection) to get off the highway-- and we had to go over some speed bumps. Since Clare has MAD mtn biking skills, she tried to jump them... so I thought about yet another ridiculous time to document stupid things we do for entertainment... enjoy... unfortunately, most of the photos document absolutely NO air. So, don't be surprised.

After our ride was ALMOST finished, we stopped by Cari's... Moo their dog (actually named Elka) began to lick my bike. Thanks to Elka, I don't have to wash it! I think she likes cytomax...
After our visit w/ Cari, Clare and I trudged back Mapleton to our apt... it is a super steep climb from a dead stop. I totally beat Clare up the hill... (haha).

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Anonymous said...

Glad your taking it easy Kate, holy cow your a busy girl love & miss ya, I also read the whole blog today. love you mom