Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Thursday!

THANK YOU BRIAN "intergalactic" PIERCE for sharing your stellar mechanical skills!! I work with Brian at Ubikes-- he has wrenched for navigators and lipton in the past... he was kind enough to help me rebuild my bike (I didn't help much though...)! My frame is being sent back to Trek for some inspection- I'm using a different frame, but many of my same parts- I needed to swap the handlebars and crankset from my bike to an extra team frame... intense. For sure.

Clare and I decided that we would venture down to Pearl Street last night to get some food-- she was ravenous, so off we went. This singletrack photo is the trail that we take to get to Pearl St. You can see a fence on the left-- it is actually doubles as a fence and one beautiful piece of metal sculpture.

Thursday night in Boulder is happenin'. While eating on the patio at Old Chicago-- the Thursday night cruiser ride. We didn't see any naked people... but we saw many cross dressers, funky bikes, and crazy outfits. This is a big deal. We probably saw 300-400 people cruise by. No joke. "Happy Thursday, Happy Thursday"

What would make the night even better? Gelato. WOW... we stopped here on our way home. I chose coconut and Clare chose dutch choco and coconut.

Today we're getting everything packed and ready to go for superweek. We're heading out tomorrow AM- driving to Galena, IL and then to Chicago on Sunday. We begin racing on Monday and continue racing until the next Sunday. Sounds like a party! I'm pretty excited.

until later--


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