Friday, July 25, 2008

Breif update on the return from Wisco.

After the race on Sunday in Evanston- Clare and I headed south a bit to my mom's and spent a relaxing day chillin' by the pool, basking in the sun. We drove home on Tuesday- through Kansas. We hit some storms- but made it safely. Here are some photos of the past week.

A photo of the Sram guys that worked Superweek... and are probably STILL working superweek- Jose rocks!! Thanks to ya'll for taking care of us.

Before the race, we met up with John Hanson, a good friend of mine from Chicago- he is a pro photographer and wanted to get some shots of us. Check it!

John was able to get some sweet shots during the race- there are more!!

I have some photos from shelbyville and will be posting them soon... sorry Mom! :) hang tight.

This is where we were in Kansas. Kansas is a long, long state. for sure. Almost as exciting as Nebraska.

Clare is a good driver.... I was able to get some rest and some zzzz's.
Off to work.
gotta RUN!!!


Anonymous said...

2x qd since tuesday I have waited to read more on the great dairy tour.... finally. Sure miss both you girls. Saw mama mia, there's a song the mom sings to her daughter b/4 wedding, I cried so hard I wanted to leave theatre but was trapped like a rat Oh how I miss you TT yomam

Anonymous said...

Still waiting...........yomama

Anonymous said...

and waiting.......

Anonymous said...

and anyone home ??? Your Mother