Friday, July 11, 2008

It's embarassing.... but....

While usually, we're training-- working on bikes-- eating... and resting... Today we've been packing for our journey to Superweek--Today is also the day that happened to to be the day that MTV aired the entire season 7 of America's Next Top Model. Clare was VERY excited about this reality tv marathon. I, well, I'm honestly pretty sick of the television. BUT after the first episode, I was very interested... I did do some errands, work in the yard, go on a short ride all while this marathon was airing... but It was fun!!! And Clare and I would like to congratulate CARIDEE!!!

America's Next Top Model:
Okay... don't hold this against me. But if you haven't seen it... it is a pretty cool show-- I have to confess that I liked it and we were pretty excited when Caridee kicked Melrose's ass. Sorry Melrose.


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