Sunday, July 13, 2008

If you like Eastern Colorado... You'll LOVE Nebraska!

Before heading to Superweek yesterday morning, Clare and I stumbled upon some GREAT morningtime TV while flipping around on the tele waiting for the tour to come back on... We found the best aerobics show ever. Anyone can do these aerobics because they are specifically for senior citizens... they even had big band music to work out too and silk flowers lingering in the background.
Off too Galena IL for the night, then Chicago Sunday morning. We ended up getting a late start b/c our car wasn't ready... etc...etc. We left at 10:00 mtn time and made it to Galena just before midnight (cst). We made good time, listened to a lot of bad music, looked at a lot of cows, and ate some good snacks. Here are some photos. This is what it is like to drive from Boulder to the Chicagoland area...
Hour #1--- excited to be on the road... loving Eastern Colorado.
Hour #2--- still loving Eastern Colorado...
Hour #2.5--- Colorado Cows- probably happier than California cows, but LESS happier than Wisconsin cows.
Hour #2.75 Welcome to Nebraska... Home of "Arbor Day" Thankfully someone had the foresight to plant some stinkin' trees around the Arbor Day sign...
Hour #4-- Clare isn't showing it, but she LOVES Nebraska.
Hour 5--- I love sandwiches.
Hour 6-- Nebraska Cows... See Colorado Cows... (still happier than California).
Hour 8.15-- What is worse than driving through Nebraska ? Driving through NE in the afternoon... worse than that??? Driving through Nebraska with road construction, traveling at 55 when you could be driving 77.
We found this independent burger joint that had a bunch of gorillas in front of it. They were all chained to the ground... We would have probably taken one if they hadn't been secured to the cement ground.
Hour #7-- IOWA
My friends Kelly and Joe hosted Clare and I last night in Galena, IL (where I lived for a good 3 years). We got in around 11:30 and left at 9 am-- her kids are great-- Nick and Mia- Nick is the next Shaun White and Mia the next Picaboo Street! :) It was great to see them-- the kiddos are getting so big! I was also able to make quick stops to see my friends Jim and Josie (and new baby Lilliana Sophia) AND my bud Jennifer!
I do miss Galena! It is a great place. Here is a photo that Peter Fraterdeaus took a couple years ago:
good night!

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Anonymous said...

12:41 Just read about the journey, still laughing, WI does have the happiest cows around. That is unless they live near that crazy dairy farmer that decided to go on vacay w/o getting a milkman to relieve the girls........ I love you Kate