Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of JULY!!! AND another blissful saturday.

Fourth of July was too much fun this year!! My boss, Doug, invited all of his employees over for a barbecue that included steaks, chicken, ribs, great salads (green... not macaroni), apple pie ala mode, a half barrel of Fat Tire Ale, dangerous hand-held fireworks and SOFTBALL! We could bring a friend, so of course I brought CLARE!!! Since they don't party on the 4th of July in Australia like we do... Clare had quite the American afternoon.
Here is Clare on first base-- she hit a single the first time she ever picked up a bat. I guess she is quite the cricket player.
I'm getting ready to bat. Although softball was fun... I am really sore from running the bases. I don't get to run much... and I will tell you, once I got up to speed while running the bases, I felt like I was a freight train that couldn't stop. I had a lot of forward momentum that felt unstoppable. Luckily, I managed to stay upright... but during my ride today, my adductors hurt horribly. I don't think I'll be doing too much more softball.... hmm... that whole sprinting from base to base thing just doesn't work with me right now.
To top off the evening, Doug hosted a "zany bike race." This bike was AWFUL to ride. It was a time trial...we had to ride down the alley about 25 yards, circle around an empty case of MGD and sprint to the finish line. I opted out from racing, because I didn't want to get too overzealous and crash on this thing. I could barely ride it. Take a look at my face. This is PURE fear. Here is the bossman getting ready to race. He did a lap in 25 seconds, but the winner... broke 20 seconds!!! Crazy. I did an informal race and made it in about 34. Clare opted out too...
Clare's FIRST root beer ever.
A successful forth of July, although I didn't stick around for the big fire works-- I was too tired! Lame-O. Went to bed instead.
Saturday ride on the Peak to Peak:
This is the guy who owns the Raymond Store- he was PISSED because some cyclists take water from his water jug and do not contribute to the fund. Please give him money to get more jugs of water!! :) He is a pretty cool guy-- he gave me directions to a place to take some great photos, but I didn't go- perhaps next time. He had already sold 50 bottles of gatorade by the time I arrived at 11:30 am. Pretty cool. You can even purchase vienna sausages there... if you ever get the hankering.

I started with Clare, but she wasn't feelin' it so she headed back down to town-- she only needed to do 3 hrs anyways. Good thing-- I was able to get some good riding in with my buds: Tom Ashbrook and Ira Glass...

Here is my bike seat and a couple ladies working a hot dog stand in front of the BP in Ned... I took it secretly... but they were totally going crazy dancing to a song by Jessica Simpson. I was inspired.... so I'm hosting a dance party on our patio sometime soon!

until tomorrow!




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Service Station Police said...

I believe it is a Sinclair in Ned not a BP!