Monday, June 30, 2008

Winterpark MTB and basking by the creek.

Since the promoters of the Dead Dog Classic wouldn't let us register 3 hours after the registration deadline, Clare and I planned an epic weekend. With a sweet ride to Estes on Saturday under our belts, we packed up the Jetta and headed up to Winter Park for a mountain bike race on Sunday. The race was one 16.4 mile lap... which I thought was pretty short (soon to realize that it still took almost 2 hrs for a reason!!!). 2,500' of climbing, 3 near-death experiences and 109 mins later... I finished the race. The race took off with a 1.5 mile climb varying between 6 and 18% grades. Ouch. I wasn't off the back, but felt awful. The course was awesome and much of it was above 10,000'. Tough breathing! There were 3 major climbs: 2 service road climbs and 1 single track climb. The singletrack climb was much more enjoyable than the service roads for sure-- and even better than all the climbing: the descents! Descending was gnarly-fast, and it is where I could pass the ladies (and some guys) that passed me on the climbs! Rocks, roots, switchback-craziness. FUN!!! I can't wait to head back to the mountains! The mountain photo is one of the views from our drive back to Boulder from Winter Park. Vaaaarrrrriiieeeee NICE!
Midwest mtb racing: climb, descend, climb climb, descend, climb descend, descend, climb
Mountain West racing: climbclimbclimbclimbclimb, descenddescneddescenddescend, climbclimbclimbclimb, descend, climbclimb, descend descend descend descend drop descend descend.
On our way back down from the mountains, I couldn't resist from stopping to build a mini-snowman. Clare sat in the car because she "couldn't be bothered" to get out... even though she has NEVER made one in her life. ever. Alas, I think I'll try to make a snowman every month of the year from now on. Some people try to ski every month... I'll just stick to making snowmen.

That brings us today. While I had a turbulent morning, it ended really well. I had a rest day (easy ride to the grocery) and Clare didn't return until 2 from her epic voyage on the peak-to-peak. Soon after her return, we headed to Chipoltle for a burrito. AND what is better than a chipoltle burrito? A FREE chipoltle burrito! Thanks Garrett!

While at "chi-poodle," we met up with a cycling friend, Robbie, by chance-- He also stopped to chow and the was heading down to the Eben G. Fine park to hang in the creek. Sounded fun to us- I had never gone to chill in the park.
Clare is definitely enjoying her time in the grass!
I am contemplating jumping in, unfortunately, the sun had gone behind a huge cloud for sometime and it wasn't as HOT out... so I just chilled the legs.

In the park, you'll run into some strange folks! Here's Robbie- trying desperately to walk on his hands... he was inspired by a woman who had actually been doing yoga-stands on her hands and arms. Impressive!

Cheers to fun days and more to come!!! Can't wait for more barbecues and more times hanging at G.Fine Park.




becx said...

That is the cutest damn snowman I ever saw. And Robbie ain't bad either.

mtb05girl said...

Sounds like you had a blast this past weekend! Wish I would have been at the mountain bike race. Dead Dog was hard, and somewhat fun, but a mountain bike race would have been a lot more fun! Are you doing Niwot Sunday? If so, I'll probably see you there. I'm done with this stupid class on July 11th, and counting down the days!! See you soon!

ScootsOnMoots said...

I suspect someone has written on the back window of the ubervagen, "please wash me"? Maybe not.

Kate said...

Scotty! It is true... my car is Dieeerrrr-Tay. For sure, it has been on a to-do list for the past month!!

Becx-- Clare thinks he is pretty easy on the eyes too! ;)

AND... Amanda! I can't wait to see you- perhaps at Niwot. I need to see about the work schedule.

Anonymous said...

You girls Clare & Kate should bring Robbie to Sville with you so I can fatten him up a bit.....Love yomama