Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday + new apt video

Okay, so here it is. Friday. I woke up and "unpacked" for an hour. Went to work... doughnuts and coffee.... or just coffee for me. Anyhow, we had our specailized rep in town to tell us all about the FSR mtn bikes and HOW cool they are and all of the "kool-aid" to go with it. At u-bikes, we call most techy garbage Kool-aid. It is good to know, but most customers won't understand a lick once you start even mentioning the word "components." So mentioning the horst link, the brain, rebound, sag.... and others can make for once confusing conversation.

Anyhow after that I prepped to go on one epic solo voyage. I left at noon- rode from Boulder to Lyons, Raymond, Riverside, Ward, Nederland and back to Boulder. This ride took about 5.5 hours and was absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had my camera. I was going to pack it, but was out of space. For this ride, food was more important. Once I was up in Raymond (after about a 20 mile climb...) I was riding on the Peak to Peak hwy. This is a beautiful road. At one point, a car quickly pulled to the side of the road and the driver jumped out w/ thier camera.... I thought I had better smile, because they were taking a photo right of me coming up the hill. I looked over my shoulder, and there was longs peak. Absolutely beautiful. I can't wait until Gabe and I climb it later this summer/fall.

I finished up my evening w/ a well deserved shower and a crappy dinner. The best part of the night was Missy, Kris and Craig coming over for adult beverages! oh! and my phone conversation with Gabe. It is so nice to be able to host people now!

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