Friday, June 6, 2008

"Happy Thursday"

Even though it is Friday, I need to tell about some adventures yesterday. I had the alarm set for 6 so I could get my ride and efforts in before going to work. Unfortunately, I awoke to more RAIN! So needless to say, it was easy to hit the snooze... or actually just turn the alarm off. I worked from 10-7 at the bike shop.

Here's something that tends to be common in Boulder (the bubble that is 20sq. miles surrounded by reality). A gentleman and his wife came in the shop yesterday at about 5:45. I began talking to the wife as Catherine was showing the guy some sweet carbon road bikes. Turns out he was planning on going on a ride the next day (which happens to be today) to Jamestown, so he 'needed' a new, light bike.

So, I stood to the side and cracked jokes with his wife, while he test rode some bikes, both $4000, both sweet. I left Cathererine with the couple to go dust some bikes (or something to that effect). Next think I notice.... she has him test riding a specialized s-works... which retails for about $5200. The guy is going on a 30 mile ride. He isn't winning the Giro! He bought the S-Works. Crazy! Most importantly, the guy is super happy and loving his bike! I'm sure it will help him beat his friends to Jamestown.

So after work, I busted home, changed and ran out of the house to get my workout in. All things were successful, only thing is that I was coming home in the dark. I brought my back light so I was safe (don't worry Mom). I took the Boulder Creek path all the way home when it was almost completely dark. I have to say, I was smiling the entire time. This multi use path winds along Boulder creek under all major roads and past numerous parks. I happened to meet up with some people who were on the Thursday Night cruiser ride. They dress up their bikes, turn on their boomboxes, and cruise the town shouting "Happppppy Thursday!"! It was great. So the last crazy cruiser I saw was a guy in costume riding a 3-wheel bike. he had something in the back basket (stereo?), tiki torches (lit) on either side of the basket, and a green light underneath his bike... throwing out some sweet ground effects. Mind you it was completely dark, so all I saw was green ground effects and tiki torches. I passed him and told him that his bike was the best bike I had ever seen. He laughed.

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