Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If you've ever wondered what goes on...

At our host house in Minnesota for Nature Valley, we were pleased to find a sweet collection of wigs. You can tell that Clare wishes it was still 1982 so she could rock out with Whitesnake and sing "here I go again" at the top of her lungs.

Here am I before our race in Sheboygan... I was riding around trying to find amenities and I ended up getting a flat. I had 9 aluminum shards in my back wheel and 3 in the front. Seriously. Don't ride around construction sites.
Here is Cari- this is after the race in Sheboygan- She is shown here AFTER I untangled her sports bra and this tank top. It was almost tragic... and she could have possibly been arrested. Thank goodness she wasn't.
Finally, here is a picture of me pondering WHY my helmet is always on crooked. If there is anything more frustrating I don't know what is. For some reason, it always falls to the left. Is my head crooked? Who knows. The helmet never stays adjusted right. Cari will just keep reminding me to straighten it. :) thanks Cari.
We had a fun weekend- the 'giro de Grafton' was an excellent event it was a fun and active race-- lots of attacking, covering, and countering-- At Sheboygan I was in a break with 4 other girls-- Kristin Wentworth, Rachel Eichers, a girl who was the collegiate national champ and another girl who was super strong. Cari Clare and Anna did a stellar job of letting us get away. For the final lap, I came around the corner in 2nd-- a couple girls sprinted around me with plenty of time to get on their wheels-- unfortunately I was way over geared and I didn't have the snap to recover. This week: practice leadouts. :)

tutu. k

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Anonymous said...

Kate, I've been meaning to tell you about how your head got so lop sided but never thought you would notice... Sorry. I thought maybe your mother would have told you. Some day when you have some time I'll try to explain ;-) XOXO Dad

P.S. I'll tell you a few things you have not noticed yet so you won't be so surprised when you do find out :-0 j/k

Cari and Clare, Nice job on keeping the secret! Dan