Wednesday, June 4, 2008


We got back from Tulsa, OK on Monday and I was able to get all of our stuff moved into our new place! The new place is beautiful- in an excellent neighborhood with cool people and a Trail that takes you down to Pearl Street-- in 3 mins. And I'm happy to report that the ride back up doesn't' take that long either.

It is considered a studio apartment because it doesn't have a door on the bedroom, but it is definitely big enough-- plenty of storage, a nice secluded patio, newly remodeled, bamboo floors, and a sweet bathroom. I am already enjoying it! My things are still in boxes in the middle of the floor, but I figured I'd take my time unpacking!

As for Tulsa, it was a good weekend for the team. Overall , we didn't take home any wins, but for us I feel like we worked well together and learned a lot AND had fun! The community of Tulsa really pulled through to run the race on Sunday. They had a crazy storm come through-- knocking down power lines, trees that closed roads-- all in the middle of the day on Sunday. They cancelled the races before ours and worked together to get the pro races going! How awesome. Thanks Tulsa!!!! Tulsa update Coming soon w/ photos!

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ScootsOnMoots said...

I got an offer last week to take up residence at a sweet circa 1905 bungalow in the 300 block of Pearl Street. And why have I not quit my job yet you ask. Owned by a Curtes no doubt. Those boys are the best. But it's too early, I need till the fall. Good news is the house is sold so no team camp at Wembly Lane this year. Sorry. I move out this weekend. Keep churning.