Saturday, June 28, 2008


I have had a stellar day in Boulder! No bike shoppe until next Wednesday... so that means... tons of riding and getting things organized!!! I'm pretty excited. For sure. Today Clare and I got in a nice ride- we took a road that led us to the bustling metropoli of Lyons, Ramond, Allenspark and Estes Park. The day couldn't have been better.

For the past couple hours, I have been getting ye'ole Fuel race ready for tomorrow. It has been my trusty steed for about 5 years-- although now that I'm in the mtns, I really need some disc brakes. I'm planning for a full-on forearm workout tomorrow! WinterPark is hosting a mtb race-- I've never been to Winter Park AND I've never raced my mtn bike in Colorado, so it should be interesting! I'll take some photos. for sure.
Okay. So now that I've been done working on my bike, I've been chillin' out on the patio with Jerry our delightful domesticated deer . In the photo he is about 20 yards from me... and at the moment, he is being harassed by some neighborhood kids. Poor Jerry. He's getting bothered and I'm sipping on a glass of wine, computing, with my feet up during a perfect evening! Anyhow... I keep hearing from multiple people that "there are NO mosquitoes in Colorado." Well. They are all wrong.

I found one latched on to my shoulder. Don't worry. I killed it. NOW there are NO mosquitoes in Colorado. This one is probably an invasive species that came to CO with my luggage from last week in Wisconsin. Thank God it wasn't full grown. (wishful thinking?)!!

Until tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

I read your blog 2/3 times a weel. This is sissy. Way to go....

Anonymous said...

I tink Jerry the Deer is smiling at you Kate...........Remember
smmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiling at me!

I love you Kate yoma