Thursday, June 12, 2008

Getting to MN and Nature Valley Stage 1-- St. Paul Crit

So here it goes...
Tuesday we made our pilgrimage to the bus station. $20 will get you a round trip bus ticket to Denver International Airport. The plan was to drop Missy off at the station and I went to drop my car off and walk to the station.
12:06 I drop her off
12:09 I drop my car off at Greg and Cari's, begin walking to the bus station
12:13 realize I left my phone somewhere, turn around ad RUN back to my car--
12:15 not in the car, but on Cari's counter top... As I got in the phone was ringing. Missy was stalling the bus driver. I thought the bus left at 12:30... but It actually was supposed to leave at 12:15. One thing we forgot to discuss before hand.
12:16 Bus is waiting for me. I start sprinting (with my heavy backpack & my helmet flopping about) back down towards Pearl Street, three blocks down, I realize that I still have the KEY to Greg and Cari's in my hand. Turn around. RUN BACK UP 16TH STREET. AND BACK DOWN.
12:20 After sprinting around downtown Boulder I found Missy @ the bus stop, on the curb, with no bus. Bummer. No worries though, the next bus would get us to the airport in time, but not with a lot of extra time.

Making a long story short, I flew Frontier- probably the worst flight ever. I sat in the last row (no reclining seats). Next to me was a Mom a 5 year old and a 1 year old sitting in 2 seats-- the row across from me, a mom and two kids. Screeching and screaming. Anyhow, I felt bad for the moms having to travel by themselves. But get this, 15 mins left for the flight the little girl starts yelling for her daddy... who was sitting across the aisle and two rows up. WTF. That is all I have to say!

Nature Valley Stage #1: St. Paul Criterium

It was wet, the weather forecast was dismal. It was pouring for much of the day, and then let up around 3 when we pulled in to downtown St. Paul. I had made some sort of comment to someone about how it is nice that the volunteers don't have to set up the race course in the rain.... 20 mins later it poured.

My dad, Phyllis and Jen showed up to watch the race! It was great to see them and I wish there was more time to hang out with them. I got a good warm up in and all the ladies started the race in pouring rain. Right away the race strung out and people were slamming their breaks for the second corner (a decent going into an off-cambered left turn). The tight course was 1.1 km with 150 racers on it. Needless to say, it didn't take long for the front riders to begin lap the riders off the back. It was a cluster. I raced for about a half an hour and then was told that our group had 1 more lap. On my last lap, I went down on the 3rd corner. I slid out and slid across the pavement-- an easy crash really- except for my elbow and my 2-day-old bar tape! On the same corner people were crashing at least every other lap. It was carnage! crazy! Everyone is starting the road race tonight.

For some photos:

The officials ended up cancelling the men's race after a moto ref went down in one of the corners.

Stay tuned for 5 more stages!

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becx said...

Good job Kate! Sorry about the fall yesterday but wet pavement at race speed is better than dry. Better for the sliiiiide!

Good luck today; hope it's dry for ya!