Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hangin' in P-ville & recaps from the weekend

Meet my Pa! He came to the race in Stillwater on Father's Day- I do wish I would have been racing, however it was nice to hang out with him!
Here is my new t-shirt. I thought Cari would like this one-- it is a nice new white tee! :) Since I'm planning on being really eccentric when I'm 50, I figured I need to start wearing something other than plain tees... I'm beginning to branch out. Tweet.
For all of you who didn't know, Clare is primarily sponsored by Clam Juice and presented by Bison. Yes. Bison meat. Ever since she has made the switch to Clam and Bison, she has become faster. We believe it is the rare electrolytes and minerals in the clam juice that expedites the delivery of ADP to the glycolosis that occurs specificly in liver cells.
Okay... so maybe not.

Meet Judson Steinbeck. He is a middle school teacher for a Waldorf School in LaCrosse, WI. He came to ride in Platteville while passing through-- apparently during his first year of teaching, a family of one of his students talked Judd into taking a rabbit for his classroom. He obliged becasue the family promised to take the bunny for all holidays AND buy the bunny's food. After thanksgiving of the FIRST year he had the bunny the family sent a NOTE with the student to school stating that they "couldn't take the bunny home for any more holidays." Now Judd and Joy own a bunny AND buys all of the food for it. **Note to self... if an offer comes from a student/student's family with some sort of pet.... don't take the rabbit!!

Finally--- Here is a photo of our back patio in Boulder. Again... absolutly Amazing-- I'm looking forward to hosting some evenings w/ evening beverages. Thanks for reading-- HI MOM!




Anonymous said...

Hi back to ya dollie.......
You broke your phone..... We are hosting our own back yard bash this weekend, signature cocktail ........ MOJITO'S Your so close I can almost smell your hair...love and miss you yomama

becx said...

Katiekat!Nice pic of you andyour pops. Hi Dan! Hi Mom!
Rebecca here, chiming in to say great job, Kate, on NVGP. What a difference a year makes. Say hi to Gabe adn enjoy being back in Wisco.

miturn said...

Hi Kat
Sissy here and reading all your updates all the time.