Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Arizona! Finally... a post!

After a couple EPIC days in beautiful CO, I made it to Arizona for 3 weeks of training. Before I start talking too much about AZ- I just want to give a huge shout out to Rachel, Andrew and Cecilia Couch-- THANK YOU so much for making my first full day in CO amazing. When I pulled in to their house on Saturday night, they had a nice meal prepared-- followed up with great conversations-- and a comfortable bed! On Sunday Rachel and I went Mtn biking just outside of Lyons at Hall Ranch-- REAL mountain biking-- in the MOUNTAINS!! It was pretty cold in the parking lot- but once we got climbing, I was defiantly sweating by the top! We concluded our evening with a nice night out at a Mexican restaurant with our Team Mom: Greg (Cari's husband). It was a delight to meet him too!

Cari picked me up from the Tucson airport at 4 on Monday and we headed to her Uncle and Aunt's house (right in Tucson). It is a great location and a most excellent residence! (more photos to be posted soon...).

Yesterday, Cari and I got out for a nice 65 miler- Vail to Sonoita AZ. Beautiful. This ride included the longest climb AND the longest decent I have ever experienced. The Sonoran desert is beautiful, and the weather is even better. We have been working on our biker tan that I have been patiently waiting for all winter. I have a great line established right across my arm, and I have a feeling it is only going to get better...

Photos from our ride yesterday:
A fiberglass horse at the Denver airport-- I'm sure it is unwrapped by now...

Cari and I FINALLY made it to Sonoita-- Both of were unsure if we would actually make it there!!!
The start of the longest descent I have ever experienced. Santa Rita Mountains!!!

WET Stones.

When we finished our ride on Monday-- this is the first thing we saw--

a few girls rollin' big up to the DQ.

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ScootsOnMoots said...

Don't flatten out all the hills on us. We arrive 3/7 for a weeks worth of leg thrashing.