Monday, February 25, 2008

Week 3 of our Tucson Excursion.

I'm hanging out here, Cari just took one load of stuff to her Grandma's house-- which will be our home until Friday! Clare is still sleeping.

Everyone went home, and the 'Boulder Crew' is all that is left in Tucson... Rebecca, Bunny, and Missy-- we miss you already! We had a great week-- 18 hours on the bike, 14,442' of climbing. I think the highlight ride of the week was defiantly climbing Mt. Lemmon (a 24 mile CLIMB, with a rockin descent!). Another more interesting happening was seeing Tiger Woods at the 17th green, twice. We took some photos both time and I will post them soon!

If you're interested in reading another guys version click here.... I found it entertaining.

Until later.



Anonymous said...

I was gonna warn ya that there was a Tiger roaming around out there... Got your post cards today when I could finally make it to the Post Office. Town is back to normal and the snow from the Birkie is gone from the streets. Time for Spring!

your Hill Hater Dad

Becx said...

yo yo! Miss you all a ton. It's snowing here. Quel surprise!!