Sunday, February 17, 2008

My poor Wisconsin Friends!

Here it is... the Doppler Radar! All I can say is "bummer." Rebecca was supposed to join us here in Phoenix, however due to the sheet of ice over the entire state; her travel plans have been delayed. Apparently she schlepped all of her stuff to the airport to find that SHE HAD TO GO HOME. Too bad they don't have little airport lockers so she didn't have to haul all of her stuff BACK to her car. Argh. Hopefully she'll be here tomorrow.

Gabe is in a parking lot somewhere waiting for his friend Dusty to pick him up-- they are heading up to Devil's Head to shred the freshies... The snow is super heavy and will probably be like skiing mashed potatoes! Either way they are destined to have a blast in the snow... WET snow.

Cari rocked it yesterday! She ended up 3rd in the road race that she called a "tea party" of a race-- at least for the first lap. My teammate who is a self-proclaimed non-timetrialist AND non-climber-- proved to do well in both the tt AND ended up winning the Queen of the Mountain! She obviously isn't a climber... (yeah right!). Get used to it Cari!! She's a rockstar.

During her 3hr race, I rode for an hour and a half on the hwy near the race (don't worry mom... there was a HUGE shoulder). Although the scenery is pretty-- the road ditches are full of broken bottles, chairs... old nasty blankets, etc. Pretty creepy. I turned on to a road for about a half mile-- the blacktop worsened-- I did a quick u-turn and sprinted back to the hwy!!

More exciting news- I am getting a little more caught up with all of my podcasts-- I converted Cari- so now we can listen to things like Tom Ashbrook, Grammar Girl, This American Life, Fresh Air, etc. I can tell that Cari's favorite show is "It's All Politics"


Timmaaayyyy said...

Yes! that is right, it sucks here. But, I have a vacation coming, yippeee, I will be going to see my friend Dan Koeppel in LA for a week in a week. Until then it is trainer time.... yep sucks!

yoma said...

Oh rats Kate, now I miss you more than ever. Be extra careful on the BIG roads. We unloaded over 2000 roses, running out at 1:30 on V.D. Didn't get anymore just said your sol, I love you yoma

Anonymous said...

Now that the boss lady has showed up in AZ I see the Blogging has come to a halt... Hope it's all good! Dad