Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Training Camp Commences!

Ahhh!!! First of all-- the internet connections have been patchy and THAT is why I haven't been able to keep up with diligent postings.

The weekend wrapped up nicely-- Cari won the crit on Sunday with the help from Betsy G. Perfect lead out gave Cari the chance to take the win! Very cool to see. Hanging out at Valley of the Sun is definately getting me excited to race!

This is Cari being interviewed by team ROCK's own videographer-- He says "so, tell us about how the crit went" Cari says jokingly "Yeah. I won. Sorry TEAM ROCK." She was very joking, but I don't think that he understood her humor!!
Monday, Monday. I went for a nice 2hr ride on a river walk/bike trail that was pretty flat, with relatively no wind... my dad's dream ride! We went to pick up Missy T- our team road manager from the airport. She is a very experienced cyclist and a good coach. She defiantly will be an excellent addition to our team. (and she is hilarious). Our bikes didn't arrive from the UPS guy until 6:30-- after eating we went straight to Cari's uncle's house to pick up a few bikes. We sucessfully put 2 bike boxes and one bike in the back of her wagon... with no room for the 3rd person. It was a long ride back to the condo sitting on Missy's lap, but we did manage to wear our seat belt.

Tuesday is for Totally Epic.

We pieced the bikes together, ate breakfast, and hit the road. The ride itself WAS beautiful-- we set out to ride for 3+ hours-ish... but because of MAP DECEPTION we were foiled. Our ride turned into a 5 hour epic adventure that included 75 miles and not enough food. Bonk we did and we couldn't get back to the condo fast enough. Now we are patiently waiting for Rebecca to show up. She has had a delayed arrival due to the EXTREME weather in Wisco.

enjoy the pics.

Tuesday Morning AFTER "happy new bike day." We enjoyed a nice breakfast. Meet Missy. Our very own Team America's dairyland Road Manager. She really LOVES snow, so that makes me like her aLoT.

The morning deal. This is what I wake up for in the mornin'. And usually it takes me a long time to get it all down!

These three photos are from our 5:30 am excursion! No one could sleep, so we woke up early and dug into our new digs. New sweet kits, hats, stickers... and oh yeah!!! BIKES BIKES BIKES!!! the new WSD 5.1 madones. Check in about an hour for another update with more photos.


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