Friday, February 22, 2008

Javalena sighting!

And you think is is bad to have Coyotes running around your house?? What about these things roaming around your condo?!? This makes me think twice about going outside at night to chat on the phone! :)

Yesterday we rode to Biosphere2 It was a perfect ride-- climbing the entire way to the DOME, and descending back into OroValley, working on our pace lining skills. It was excellent!

Our group was at it's maximum size last night: Cari (CO), Missy (CO), Bunny (WV), Rebecca (WI), Clare (AUS/CO), and me! We had an entertaining evening watching Clare talk with her sister through Skype. Clare is going to fit right in. She is great!

You'll probably guess, but there will be more photos put up later today.


becx said...

I miss you already! It was 0 degrees today. That's the same in celcius and farenheit, isn't it? Freakin'cold??

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. And JOe and I worked all day to repair my barn door and I burned the thumbprint off my thumb stuffing wood into the furnace.

So there you have it; reasons why I wish I was still in AZ!

edawg said...

Hey Katie!
It is FREEZING cold in the big D today. It is supposed to get warmer. Hope you have a great time in Arizona and Colorado. Hope you can come back and ride sometime!
Go shred!! :)

Kate said...

Hey EV!!! Great to hear from you-- Think warm thoughts and keep workin' on your 360-- make it flawless! :)