Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday!!!

Super Tuesday!!! I’ve been watching MSNBC for the past 7 hours and will probably continue to watch for the next few. Interesting things going down- Hillary, Barack, Huckabee, McCain. It is interesting to see everything unfold. My favorite (or actually… least favorite) quote has got to be “TOOOOO close to call.” I guess if they didn’t say that I wouldn’t be hanging on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next bit of ‘breaking news’ to scroll across the bottom of the screen! Another quotable quote has got to be from Bill Richardson, who donned the screen with a full neck beard—saying “The democratic party is gaining more votes from different races, genders, ages, and other ethnic groups.” I know what you were trying to say Bill, but I think it just came out a little awkward!

Tom Brokaw has also made this evening’s political adventure a bit more amusing as well. He can’t seem to get it straight… to put it bluntly, he just seems out of it. I think he just needs some more rest, maybe a vacation or even retirement.

Here is McCain and his ‘lady in red’ addressing the crowd—how do all of these old politicians end up with hot babes? Remember Fred Thompson??? Weird.

Back to me. I packed up quite a bit today, went through a bunch of old bike gear and donated it to my bud Tim at
www.MomentumBikes.com . He is fixing up junker bikes to send down to New Orleans- That is awesome Tim—hard work, but will be well worth it to people who need it.

Tomorrow will be filled with running around getting things done! I need to get a new drivers license before I head to CO- The one I have was issued in April of 2000, and 8 years later will expire this coming April. I remember a distinct thought when I received my ‘regular’ license in 2000… “Wow, I’ll be pretty old when I have to renew my license in 2008.” Looking back at my thought, I disagree! Now I think I’ll be pretty old the NEXT time I have to renew my license in 2016 (I’ll be 35). Yikes… time flies and I know it will only fly faster.

Until next time…

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Timmaaayyyy said...

Katie, sorry, I have known you to long as Katie, not to call you that. I saw you skiddin through traffic today. I figured you were to busy to stop, with packn all you own in your car. I like your Dad, am exited to see you heading in to a new chapter, I think the blogg thing is good, keeps us all informed as to what are little Racin Katie is doin. have a safe trip. XOXO, you can share those with Gabe if you want :)