Sunday, February 10, 2008

Crazy few days!

To catch up... will be posting some photos VERY soon.

Huge snowstorm-- blizzard-like conditions, great day to take a drive to Galena. While I was slogging around in Galena taking care of some business before leaving town and Gabe totally surprised me!! He called and told me to hang tight in Galena- he was on his way WITH my skis/boots/parka/pants/helmet etc. Everything I needed to go skiing! Awesome. We met up and headed to Chestnut. Although it was a treterous voyage, we made it and proceeded to experience the best day skiing in pristine, pure mid-west powder. My favorite memory of the day is totally crashing on one of our first powder runs... I hit the soft powder and slid down the hill a bit. I looked up at the sky while wiping the snow off of my face and glanced over my little snow divot to see Gabe only about 20 ft away doing the exact same thing. Our powder riding skills improved dramatically throughout the day and by the end, I was definitely wiped out!

We made it back to Platteville with hopes to catch the Wundo's Wednesday with Russ and Bethany-- We went to the venue, but ended up taking toooooo long with our dinner! The entire day was excellent! NICE!!!

Thursday: (4th projected moving date)
Due to the check engine light that appeared and also a weird issue with my shifting, I couldn't depart to CO on Thursday-- I took it into the shop and found that it was a sensor that helps my car recognize when to shift. NEXT moving date: Saturday. My part wouldn't be in until the early afternoon.

Friday: found out that the auto guys had an "unfortunate situation." Guy at VW in Madison sent the wrong sensor. My only choice was to go get the part from Madison OR wait until Monday... BUT my AZ flight is on Monday. Bethany was kind enough to take me to Madison-- we did do a teeny bit of shopping too! Car fixed. done. next: Friday night fish fry at St. Mary's church in Platteville. NICE!! (Friday=defiantly my last night). I packed into the late night and ALMOST fit everything into my car. Gabe was kind enough to let me leave a bin in his garage AND he took a trip to the thrift drop off area for me!

Saturday: Drive to COLORADO... Awesome drive, except for the first 45 mins. My car didn't seem fixed at all. Same issues. I stopped for a short while and turned off the car-- restarted that Jetta up... and the issue seemed to resolve itself. THANK GOODNESS!!!
In the 13-14 hr ish drive went by fast and the car seemed to be fine. I arrived at Rachel and Andrew's house in Longmont CO-- just north of Boulder. I walked in the door to see my very own plate with a fillet mignon. YUM. We all chatted for a bit and decided to hit the hay.

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