Monday, February 4, 2008


New Blog! Here goes. I couldn't think of a better way to keep in contact with all of my friends and family while I uproot, move out west, and live the life I've always dreamed about! Only a few days until the grand departure-- and I'm trying to get organized enough for my trip-- Driving out on Thursday, flying down to Tucson AZ on the next Monday... packing for this while packing everything I own into my little Jetta wagon. My car will probably look ridiculous crusing down the road-- 3 bikes on top, packed inside to the BRIM, miscellanous ski gear strapped in between the bikes... You get the picture. I'll be sure to post one. Today will be a day to get myself collected. First it will start with coffee. a good day can not be good with out coffee. After that-- roller ride/yoga then I'll start trimming the fat... really getting rid of things I don't need.

Yesterday was one of the best days ever. Seriously. We all got up a bit early-- Gabe, Ryan and I and piled into Ryan's '94 Saturn-- along with our ski gear-- and headed down to Chestnut Mountain. The light was flat, but it was early enough to have all of the snow still on the mtn, so ice wasn't too much of an issue. Usually after 1pm-ish, skiers and boarders push so much stinking snow DOWN the hill that all that is left to ski on are these huge glacial-like ice sheets that make me all too nervous to shread on. The skiing was amazing, I made some sweet turns and am glad we went.

Ryan had to work, so we put in a solid 3.5 hours of skiing pretty hard. We left c-nut and headed back into Galena... the guys dreaming of Culvers. At one point only a few miles from Galena, Ryan told Gabe to pull over-- he heard something abnormal... and true that was. We had a flat tire. Ryan would be late for work! All things said and done, the floppy tire was swapped with a mini-doughnut and we ventured back to Platteville. Nice! Ryan wasn't even 15 mins late for work AND the boys were able to get their 'butterburgers' afterall!

The day proceeded with the left-over chicken carcus that Ryan cooked up last Wednesday. I made him save it because I would make my mom's kickin' chicken' soup. Ryan worked, Gabe and I lounged, made soup, used the breadmaker for the first time, and watched a movie. The bread didn't rise so we ended up with yet another dense brick of bread. It still tasted good, however it was just way too dense. My synopsis... old yeast. Who knows. The evening ended with a game of chess!

That is it for now. I imagine I'll get more precise while posting, but for now you are going to get my ramblings. Deal with it!! :)


Becx said...

Hey, nice ramblin'! glad you had a good time skiing and sorry to hear you got a "lead bread." that's what my sibs and I called our failed bread experiments. We've since improved and now my bro and sis make killer bread. I stick to pizza dough....

Have a great, smooth trip out west. Wish I was there!!!

The Dad said...

I am excited for you as you start this new chapter of your life. Hope your trip is smooth. I framed that big picture you gave us and it looks great! It's going on one of my office walls when I figure out which spot....
Keep us posted.

Nan said...

Hi Kate, Sounds like you are really
going to enjoy the snow out here
in Colorado. Monarch ski area
received 141 inches in Dec and 119
inches in Jan. Traditionally, the
snowiest months are still ahead.
Safe travel, Take care...

Kate said...

Hi Nan!! Great to hear from you! It has been pretty crazy here with snow-- we just received 10" yesterday!! The ski slope was rockin'! Looking forward to more snow.