Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tentative TAD Schedule

Hey all-- here is our schedule as of last week-- It is true that some of our plans can possibly change mid summer, depending on any sort of circumstance that may arise!

Tonight we had dinner with Cari's cousins and her grandmother-- Apparently, it was Clare's birthday!!! It wasn't really, but she totally enjoyed the flan AND the mariachi band!

Tomorrow is my last AZ day-- looking forward to a nice easy 2hr spin and an Arizona Wildcat B-ball game! Cari's Grandma has excellent season tickets (for the past 25 years...). Also, we'll probably have Mexican food for the 4th night in a row! I guess I just can't get sick of it! Too good! :)

Until later...Kate

scroll down for the schedule!

15-16 Sequoia Classic Cali
28-30 Tucson Bicycle Classic Tucson, AZ

4 Photo Shoot Madison, WI

April 30-May 4 Gila Silver City, NM
13-18 Mt. Hood Hood River, OR
24 Tour de Leelanau Traverse City, MI
30-1 Tulsa Tough Tulsa, OK

11-15 Nature Valley Twin Cities--MN

21-27 Toona Pensylvania
11-27 Superweek WI, IL
9-13 Cascade Bend, OR

6-11 Road Nats
16-17 Elk Grove/Downers Grove Chicgo area
22-24 Colorado Stage International Cycling Classic Vail, CO
29-31 Green Mtn Stage Race Burlington, VT


Becx said...

holly molly, I leave you guys for a week and you're already faking birthdays at mexican joints!
Did Clare get to keep the sombrero?

Kate said...

No, Cari didn't let her... it wouldn't have fit in their car for the trip back to boulder-- and I wasn't about to bring it on the plane!!! :)