Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Week Wrap-Up

Here are some photos from last week!
Our up Oracle Hwy-- to the Biosphere 2! Rebecca-Bunny-Missy-Cari-Kate!
Remember Mt. Lemmon? This is only one tiny section of road... but you can imagine the descent--- and the climb. 7,000'+ or climbing for that day. My legs are still burning. Being a flatlander, a 23 mile climb was incomprehensible to me. I was in for a surprise!

We made it to the top and came upon this ski hill. As much as I love skiing, I just couldn't fathom the thought of putting on a pair of sticks to shred the ice sheet that blanketed the top of this mountain! Someday maybe! Interestingly enough, the ski hill at the top of Mt. Lemmon has 425 vertical feet MORE than Chestnut. Weird. Anyhow, I think that Chestnut does have more skiable acres, though...
Here we are! We went for a ride and found that we could get an excellent view of the 17th green at Dove Mountain. Click here to see the final results.
In the photo: Me, Clare, and Cari. and TIGER Woods and Aaron Baddeley.
Here's Tiger...

The last day of the tournament-- We rode over to the course and waited only 8 mins for Tiger to come through! Missy and I watching the action. We had a great view!


Becx said...

Great photos, Bonita! Btw, you got id'd about 400 times on the wca site, most recently by your Dubuque mates.

you all are looking awesome and I'm so jealous that you saw Tiger. If John Cusack wasn't my super secret boyfriend it'd be Tiger.

oh, nice job on using the radios. Did they survive?

Becx said...

PS: Love the name of the blog! I still have my Viva Bien button from last year. LOL!

Kate said...

Excellent! :) I wish you could have seen Tiger--- Way better than VeeeeeJaaayyyyyyyy. Anyhow, one more day and then to boulder. Miss you- Remember, Oscar would totally thive in CO's environment... you should move here.